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“How To Properly Organize And Maintain A Warehouse”

  • Is your warehouse out of control?
  • Is it impossible to fill orders at your warehouse?
  • Are you losing money on having to fix incorrect orders?

warehouse shelving systems

Then this article is for you.

After reading this article you should be able to raise your company’s profits with just a few simple steps. Proper warehouse procedure can make your warehouse run more smoothly, and in the long run these simple steps will help make your company more productive. These simple tips are a great place to start to run a successful warehouse.

Marking You Items

The most important thing to do is make sure all the items in your warehouse are labeled with a scanable barcode (also known as a sku number). When an employee scans this number they should be able to find out everything they need to know about the product. All appropriate employees should be equipped with a handheld scanner. Having a wireless device saves time by preventing employees from having to return to to the wired device to gain information.

Storage of Product

The storage of products, does matter for an efficient warehouse. If employees can’t find the items needed to fill an order, there is no way the order will be correct. Anything that makes it easier for employees allows them to use their time more wisely. All items in the warehouse should be stacked vertically. This allows for maximum storage. Items too heavy to be stack vertically should be stacked one behind the other. Doing this also allows employees to work more efficient but also makes your warehouse more organized. A good warehouse shelving systems are a must-investment. This allows for more products to be stacked on top of each other without causing damage to the boxes on the bottom of the stack and it also allows for more variety of products to be stored. Extra small products should be stored in rack bins. Storage of small products saves room by removing the box. For small products, tall bins are the perfect solution. Anytime you can remove the box from the item, the less room the product will take up. If you are unable to remove the product from the box refer to the vertical stacking method.

Keep It Clean

By just keeping your warehouse clean you can keep your warehouse organized and running smoothly. A clean warehouse always allows products to be found in a timely matter. All areas should be kept clear and passable. All walkways should be roadblock free. This greatly improves time management problems of any warehouse. As easy as it sounds allot of places fail to do this simple thing. Keeping it clean also prevents injuries. A clean and organized workplace always raises any employee’s mood. A happy employee is a productive worker. Employees should be responsible for performing certain daily cleaning task. A daily checklist should be issued and make it clear who is responsible for what. A weekly clean up should be mandated as well. A major cleanup should be done monthly. A massive cleanup should be done every 6 months. A manger should be held accountable for keeping up with the employees cleaning task to insure the duties are being followed.

Proper Placement

Yes, how your products are organized is very important. If you want to be able to make sure every order is correct an employee needs to be able to find the proper item. If items are out of place the more likely a mistake will be made. Top sellers should be kept close to the packing area. An item with low sales should be kept in an area away from the shipping area. This insures that an order with top products are easier to fill and get out the door.


All items should be stored with like products. Examples all microwaves should be stored all together no matter the brand. You can call this the microwave zone; of course this is just an example. In the microwave zone you can separate the microwaves by make, model etc. This helps employees know that if they are looking for a microwave to fill an order, it will be located somewhere in the microwave zone. This will dramatically improve the time spent searching for certain products.

Keep Distractions Out

When a warehouse has a numerous amount of people walking thru it, then a lot of roadblocks can occur. Nothing is more time consuming than an employee having to wait on someone to move that is in the warehouse area, that’s not supposed to be there. All personal should limited to employees needed for this area. It should also be easy to tell who belongs and who doesn’t. This can be done by using badges or a uniform shirt designed just for this area.

Colored Order Forms

By using color order forms it will let your packing team be able to tell the difference between a high priority order or a high priority client etc. Place signs in packing area so that all employees know the color system.

Quality Control

Before any order is packed and ready to leave the facility, you should have someone in control of quality control. This should be done on every single order. This will stop more than half of all problems before the order leaves. All order should be checked to insure the proper items are being sent and to make sure items have not been damaged. The quality control person should be the last one to touch the order. They should also be the one in charge of closing the package as well.

Keep Track

Keeping track of the order is very important so if there is a problem you will know who prepared the order. The employee who starts the order should always be the one to complete it. Whenever things changes hand in the middle of a procedure the more likely a mistake can happen.

Mark It

Making a warehouse easy to get around is very important. Everything should be labeled and marked. Signs should always be used. Just as if you go to a library or a movie store, all the signage makes it easy to find what you are looking for and it the same for any warehouse. Floor tape also helps mark zones and certain areas.

Easy Strategy For Effective Warehouses * The 1st step is to sort products. * The 2nd step is to put products in a certain order. * The 3rd step is shine the warehouse up. * The 4th step is to set standards for expectations. * The 5th step is to maintain the standards that have been set.

If you follow these steps your warehouse will be running top notch for years to come. With all the products in a warehouse it’s easy to get lost. But with proper signage and organization your employee will be getting double the orders out the door. Try these easy steps today.

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